Healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial use in long-term care facilities: HAI-Net HALT database

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The HAI-Net HALT online database provides European reference data on healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and antimicrobial use in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) from the ECDC-coordinated point prevalence surveys in 2010, 2013 and 2016-2017. The reports of the database are provided through the European Surveillance System (TESSy). Please refer to the corresponding protocols for methodological details and to the published survey reports for interpretation of the results.

About the database

The HAI-Net HALT interactive database displays the selected results in various formats, such as tables, graphs and maps. Please note that Print and PDF icons above will only generate the default page of the database and not the variables selected.

Important legal notice

The information on this site is subject to a copyright notice.

Neither the European Commission, ECDC, nor any person acting on its behalf is liable for any use made of the information on this site.

Regarding access and use of the data by third parties, please refer to: Access to TESSy data

How representative are the data?

The data have been collected at the national level under the responsibility of each participating country during national point prevalence surveys, following the methodology specified in the related ECDC protocols.

The representativeness of the data varies considerably by country. Footnotes are provided in each related report to avoid misinterpretation.

For conclusions and interpretation of results presented through this interactive database, please refer to the related reports.

Page last updated 4 May 2020