Targeted country support

Targeted country support focuses on ECDC’s work with the Member States and with the EU/EEA countries on medium term priorities. The ultimate goal of the Targeted Country Support is to provide support to most in need Member States, in the most equitable and efficient way possible. The primary stakeholders are the ECDC Coordinating Competent Bodies through the National Coordinators. The work has been structured in two phases: preparatory and implementation.

The preparatory phase (2020 – 2022) is aimed at building an internal ECDC environment that enables and supports corporate country support work.

The implementation phase will start in 2021, in a gradual step-by-step approach. During the implementation phase, concrete country support activities will be implemented, either according to Member States requests or based on the vulnerabilities and needs identified by ECDC.

Monitoring activities will be performed every year, in order to adjust and to tailor better the country support activities, while two evaluations will take place mid-term and in the end of the project.

The Targeted Country Support core team involves staff in the European and International Cooperation Section (EICS) and staff from the Public Health Training Section.

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