Support and services to EU/EEA countries

Targeted Country Support (TCS) focuses on ECDC’s work with the EU/EEA Member States. ECDC coordinates support in the field of disease prevention and control for Member States with specific needs, in the most equitable and efficient way possible. The primary stakeholders are the ECDC coordinating competent bodies through national coordinators. The work includes an internal part and the support activities to the Member States:

  • Internal activities involve building processes and tools in ECDC to create a corporate approach to country support work.
  • Concrete country support activities address the needs of a country or groups of countries in a particular topic. Activities are tailored to the identified needs and are co-created with and for the experts in the respective country without overburdening them.
  • A targeted country support initiative aims to increase COVID-19 vaccination uptake in the EU/EEA Member States. The support focused on eleven Member States which at the time had a lower COVID-19 vaccination uptake than the EU/EEA average. More information about the project is available here: (link to news story below).

The Targeted Country Support core team involves staff in the European and International Cooperation Section (EICS) and as needed, additional staff from other areas of the organisation contributes to the work.

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COVID-19 vaccination

To promote vaccination against COVID-19 in Europe, ECDC Director Andrea Ammon initiated a series of bilateral discussions in October and November 2021 with Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

At the time, these countries had a lower COVID-19 vaccination coverage than the EU/EEA average. The aim of these discussions was to learn about the current situation and measures in the countries, and possible support from ECDC.

The ECDC Director also travelled to Bulgaria, Estonia, and Latvia to participate in press briefings and meetings with the Ministers of Health, Directors of the National Institutes of Public Health, and public health experts


ECDC has been organising various initiatives to support the eleven Member States in their COVID-19 vaccination efforts during the past months. These initiatives include:

  • webinars on promoting COVID-19 vaccination through social media
  • e-learning courses on understanding vaccine acceptance
  • technical support from the ECDC modelling team
  • tailored support for countries as requested by Member States, prompting ECDC to also organise country-specific Q&A sessions and webinars
  • development of adapted, tailored, communication materials, tools, and other media products

These activities provide a platform where public health experts and clinicians can consult with experts from EU agencies and other organisations, and exchange knowledge with other national experts.

These actions included the coordination and involvement from DG SANTÉ and DG COMM at the European Commission, the Coalition for Vaccination member associations as well as coordination with the Regional Office for Europe of the WHO.