Influenza laboratory quality control

In accordance with the Key Tasks, ERLI-Net laboratories should participate in external quality assessment (EQA) scheme. Panels are distributed by both ERLI-Net and the WHO. Since 2008, ERLI-Net EQA assessments have been developed and coordinated by the ERLI-Net coordination group with assistance from the ERLI-Net Quality and Training Task Group, and supported by ECDC. The assessments take place every second year and are more demanding than some other similar exercises.

WHO External Quality Assessment Project

As most ERLI-Net laboratories are WHO-recognised National Influenza Centres, they may also participate in the WHO External Quality Assessment Project (WHO EQAP). Participation in the WHO EQAP aims to monitor the quality of the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System and other national influenza reference laboratories that perform PCR diagnosis, and to identify gaps of PCR testing in these laboratories. The PCR-based detection of influenza virus types A (subtypes H1, H3 and H5) and B is performed twice each year.