Tuberculosis Disease Network

The purpose of the network is to provide a framework for strengthening TB prevention and control in EU countries. Within the network countries exchange information and experiences on implementing, developing and maintaining TB prevention and control activities at national level and discuss best practices. The TB Disease Network includes two operational sub-networks – the European Tuberculosis Surveillance Network and the European Reference Laboratory Network for TB.

The TB disease network consists of national focal points, operational contact points and ECDC. The national focal and operational contact points initiate and participate in network activities. ECDC organises the network meetings, fosters technical and scientific collaboration within and across sub-networks and liaises with stakeholders to streamline and coordinate activities relevant to the network. Members of the (sub-)networks are elected to the Disease Network Coordination Committee (DNCC). The Committee advises ECDC on its activities including TB surveillance, laboratory diagnosis, scientific advice, and country support. It also liaises between the sub-networks as regards integration activities.