Emerging Viral Diseases-Expert Laboratory Network (EVD-LabNet)

The EVD-LabNet (Emerging Viral Diseases-Expert Laboratory Network) is a European Network of Expert Laboratories supporting ECDC for early detection and surveillance of (re)emerging viral diseases in the EU/EEA, and for providing scientific advice.

This network is a follow-up of the Network for diagnostics of "imported" viral diseases (ENIVD) collaborative action.

The EVD-LabNet provides support to EU Member States, EEA countries and EU Candidate Countries in the following areas:

  • Identifying (early detection and surveillance) and assessing current and emerging threats to human health from communicable diseases, in particular (re-emerging) vector-borne and other viral infectious diseases. The network contributes to coordinated investigation and scientific expert interpretation.
  • Conducting External Quality Assessment (EQA) on viral pathogens covered by the ECDC Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases programme.
  • Providing short training courses and workshops to improve the diagnostic capability of EU expert laboratories.

The EVD-LabNet is coordinated by Erasmus University Medical Center with the support of a management team and a scientific advisory board composed of experts from 11 laboratories from 9 EU countries. It works in close collaboration with other European networks involved in emerging infectious disease preparedness and response.

The EVD-LabNet is available via the external website: www.EVD-LabNet.eu