EU Health Task Force (EUHTF)

The EU Health Task Force (EUHTF) is an initiative to support countries in Europe and around the world by providing operational outbreak response and crisis preparedness related to communicable diseases or diseases of unknown origin. 

The task force responds to specific requests coming from countries, from the European Commission or other international partners, including requests for emergency response, investigation of outbreaks, operational research, rapid identification of gaps in preparedness, expert advice, guidance, or simulation exercises.

How to request support

Competent authorities in EU/EEA countries (national coordinators and national focal points) can request EUHTF support through EpiPulse by following three simple steps: 

  1. Log in with credentials
  2. Go to ‘Collaborate’  tab (top right on the main menu)
  3. Click ‘Request EU Health Task Force support’

Countries outside of the EU/EEA and international organisations are welcome to request support by emailing the EUHTF Coordination Team at

Functions of the EU Health Task Force 

The EUHTF supports EU/EEA countries, countries outside the EU/EEA and international organisations in the following areas. 

Timely emergency response during outbreaks and crises related to communicable diseases or diseases of unknown origin, including:

  • remote support and rapid in-country field deployment,
  • support for outbreak investigations and response,
  • provision of science-based recommendations,
  • support for operational research and
  • provision of guidance, protocols, resources, and tools.

Strengthening countries' emergency preparedness, including:

  • development, testing and updating of preparedness protocols and plans,
  • assessment of preparedness gaps through self-assessments and external evaluation of country preparedness and response planning,
  • simulation exercises,
  • in- and after-action reviews,
  • tailored capacity-building activities and trainings.

Activities outside of the EU/EEA are operationalised in collaboration with the European Commission, in particular DG ECHO, and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN).

ECDC podcast episode


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed shortcomings in the European Union mechanisms for managing public health threats, including a lack of readily available resources for timely deployment to emergency settings.

The strengthened ECDC mandate establishes the creation of an EU Health Task Force (EUHTF) as a deployable public health work force providing effective operational response and crisis preparedness support to EU/EEA countries and wider global health security. The EUHTF will support countries and international organisations in responding to emergencies during outbreaks and crises in a timely manner. 

ECDC has established the EUHTF, with the support and collaboration of the European Commission, EU/EEA countries, and international organisations. 

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact the EUHTF Coordination Team at

Page last updated 13 Nov 2023