Infographics and videos on immunisation

Video on vaccination: Fighting polio

Video - 29 Sep 2020

Polio is an infectious disease mostly contracted by children. One in two hundred people develop incurable paralysis after infection. In 1955, a vaccine was invented and was introduced on a wide scale. Thanks to global efforts, polio was eliminated from the Western Hemisphere by 1994, and has greatly decreased worldwide.

Video on vaccination: Eliminating smallpox

Video - 29 Sep 2020

Smallpox was once a common, deadly disease, that killed a third of those who contracted it. 200 years ago, it was discovered that vaccination could prevent smallpox. Learn more about the fight against smallpox in our video (turn on subtitles in your language)!

Video on vaccination: Fighting tetanus

Video - 30 Sep 2020

Tetanus is transmitted by bacteria living in soil, animal saliva and manure which can enter the body through minor wounds on the skin. Today, a widely used vaccine protects against tetanus.

Measles affects all age groups, 2014-2017 data

Infographic - 15 Apr 2018
Period: 01 Jan 2014 - 31 Dec 2017

Measles can be contracted at any age. Infants and children are often believed to be the only age groups affected by measles, but the disease also spreads among teenagers and adults, so check your vaccination status.

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