Influenza communication guidelines: How to increase influenza vaccination uptake and promote preventive measures to limit its spread


Influenza communication guide: How to increase influenza vaccination uptake and promote preventive measures to limit its spread

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The influenza vaccination communication guide provide advice, guidance and campaign materials to support national influenza vaccination campaigns with the purpose of increasing the influenza vaccination uptake in the EU Member States.

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Communication on immunisation

Traditional interventions are no longer seen as enough to effectively prevent and control vaccine-preventable diseases. Research shows that properly designed behaviour-based health communication activities can have a significant positive impact on health-related attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

Communication toolkits

Communication toolkits are easily adaptable. They contain practical template materials (text, layouts, images, etc.), suggested key messages for specific priority audiences and ideas for awareness-raising activities on prevention and control of communicable diseases. Toolkit materials can be used as a whole or taken in parts, to fit national strategies and needs.

Meeting report: Understanding the behavioural aspects and the role of health communication in mitigating the impact of seasonal influenza

The meeting report covers health communication strategies that could be undertaken to better promote influenza prevention measures and the healthcare professionals’ role in the uptake of seasonal influenza vaccination.

Seasonal influenza vaccines

Seasonal influenza is a vaccine-preventable disease and annual influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza. ECDC continues to emphasise that all Europeans who are recommended to have the influenza vaccine should get vaccinated.  Vaccination is especially important for people at higher risk of serious influenza complications: Individuals with specific chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, and children aged 6-59 months, the elderly and healthcare workers.

Immunisation and vaccines

Vaccines represent one of the most effective and cost-saving public health intervention.

Seasonal influenza

Seasonal influenza is a preventable infectious disease with mostly respiratory symptoms. It is caused by influenza virus and is easily transmitted, predominantly via the droplet and contact routes and by indirect spread from respiratory secretions on hands etc.

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