Timeline on the pandemic (H1N1) 2009

This timeline of the 2009 Influenza Pandemic runs from the first described cases in California in April 2009 to July 10th 2010 when the WHO Director General declared that the pandemic was over. It describes events from the perspective of European Union and European Economic Area institutions and countries. However it also contains global events of relevance to Europe, such as declarations of phase changes. Where possible, links are given to primary published documentation. Events, decisions and meetings taking place at a European Level are especially emphasised.

25-Mar-09: Onset of first cases in California of what turned out to be A(H1N1)

04-Apr-09: Outbreak of influenza like illness starts in Veracruz

15-Apr-09: First cases of severe disease noted in Mexico City

15-Apr-09: Novel influenza A(H1N1) identified and isolated in USA

17-Apr-09: Mexican authorities contact Canada requesting help with specimens

21-Apr-09: Mexican specimens arrive in National Microbiological Laboratory in Canada

21-Apr-09: Two swine influenza cases reported in California

24-Apr-09: ECDC goes to Public Health Event (PHE) level 1

24-Apr-09: First ECDC Threat Assessment finished

24-Apr-09: IHR Event Information Site posting confirming an outbreak of severe respiratory disease in Mexico caused by the novel influenza A (H1N1) virus

25-Apr-09: Publication of first ECDC Situation Report

25-Apr-09: 18 confirmed cases in Mexico (including 6 deaths)

25-Apr-09: WHO declares the novel influenza A (H1N1) outbreak in Mexico and US

26-Apr-09: Press briefing by Dr Fukuda: Containment is impossible

27-Apr-09: ECDC goes to PHE level 2

27-Apr-09: First cases reported in Europe: UK - 2 cases

27-Apr-09: European Commission press briefing on “swine flu” threat to Europe

27-Apr-09: First general Q & A published by ECDC

27-Apr-09: First confirmed cases reported in the EU (Spain and UK)

27-Apr-09: Declaration of Phase 4 by WHO and second meeting of the Emergency Committee

28-Apr-09: ECDC Press conference: Analysis and update on A(H1N1) and ECDC‟s assessment of the risk to public health

29-Apr-09: Declaration of Phase 5 by WHO

29-Apr-09: EMA says antiviral medicines are available in EU

29-Apr-09: EMA has a meeting with vaccine manufacturers

29-Apr-09: EU Commissioner for Health meets the association of European Vaccine Manufacturers to discuss the development and production of pandemic vaccines

30-Apr-09: Publication of first ECDC Risk Assessment

30-Apr-09: EMA prepares for approval of pandemic vaccines

30-Apr-09: EU agreement on Common Case Definition for new pandemic infection

30-Apr-09: Extraordinary EU Council of Health Ministers

30-Apr-09: ECDC publishes first Pandemic Risk Assessments

01-May-09: ECDC‟s announces press briefings to be held on working days at 16:00 CEST

01-May-09: EU agreement on common case definition for new pandemic infection

02-May-09: WHO publishes instructions on how to obtain PCR kits from United States CDC

03-May-09: First cases of in country transmission in Germany, Spain and UK

04-May-09: WHO statement on the H1N1 influenza situation

05-May-09: ECDC Webcasts on Influenza A(H1N1) to be held twice a week

05-May-09: The Directors of DG SANCO C (Public Health and Risk Assessment) and DG ENTR F (Consumer Goods and EU Satellite navigation programmes) inform ECDC and EMA that the Commission would like to set up a SANCO/ENTR/ECDC/EMA ad-hoc task force on vaccine development and vaccination strategies and ask ECDC and EMA to nominate members for the task force

05-May-09: WHO technical consultation to assess knowledge of severity of disease caused by influenza A(H1N1) and its implications

06-May-09: WHO technical consultation on the severity of disease caused by the new influenza A (H1N1) virus infections

06-May-09: EU Task Force on pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine development and vaccination strategies holds its first audio conference

07-May-09: Joint FAO/WHO/OIE Statement on influenza A(H1N1) and the safety of pork

07-May-09: The EU Vaccine Task Force holds an audio conference with US Health Services (HHS, FDA, CDC, NIH) to exchange information on pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine development

08-May-09: ECDC goes from PHE level 2 to PHE level 1

08-May-09: First update of ECDC‟s Risk Assessment

08-May-09: Publication by WHO of expected timelines for availability of candidate viruses for vaccine production by reverse genetics, classical reassortment and whole virus distribution

08-May-09 WHO - World is better prepared for influenza pandemic

08-May-09 EMA publishes recommendations on extension of shelf life for Tamiflu

08-May-09 EMA publishes its guidance on use of antiviral medicines in the event of an influenza A/H1N1 pandemic

08-May-09 WHO expected timelines for availability of candidate viruses for vaccine production by reverse genetics, classical re-assortment and whole virus distribution

12-May-09 ECDC broadcast on public health measures

15-May-09 WHO: Sharing of influenza viruses, access to vaccines and other benefits

18-May-09 High level consultation before and at the World Health Assembly including request for some delay in declaring Phase 6 by some Member States

18-May-09 WHO: Concern over flu pandemic justified

18-May-09 WHO: Pandemic threat deserves attention from all

19-May-09 Recommendation by WHO-SAGE on pandemic vaccines

19-May-09 ECDC guidance on personal health measures to reduce risk of influenza transmission

20-May-09 Second update of ECDC‟s Risk Assessment

20-May-09 Note on 'Vaccine production and vaccination strategies on influenza A (H1N1) in the European Union'

26-May-09 Characteristics of the emergent influenza A (H1N1) viruses and recommendations for vaccine development

26-May-09 WHO: Characteristics of the emergent influenza A (H1N1) viruses and recommendations for vaccine development (Endorsed by EMA on June 4th)

28-May-09 CDC Guidance on Antiviral Treatment of patients with confirmed, probable or suspected case of new Influenza A(H1N1)

29-May-09 Follow-up recommendations on use of antiviral medicines in the event of an influenza A/H1N1 pandemic

03-Jun-09 EMA announces extension of shelf-life for Relenza (Zanamivir)

04-Jun-09 EU recommendation for the emergent novel H1N1 influenza vaccine composition

04-Jun-09 Note of the ad-hoc task force on vaccine strategy and vaccine development (vaccination strategies and regulatory aspects)

05-Jun-09 Third meeting of WHO IHR Emergency Committee

06-Jun-09 ECDC Guidance on containment and mitigation

08-Jun-09 Written information from the Commission services on vaccines and vaccination against influenza A (H1N1): update as of 02 June 2009

08-Jun-09 EU Council of Health Ministers

09-Jun-09 European Commission workshop on animal – human interface aspects of the pandemic

11-Jun-09 Fourth meeting of IHR Emergency Committee

11-Jun-09 Declaration of Phase 6 by WHO

11-Jun-09 ECDC agrees with WHO‟s announcement of raising pandemic alert level to phase 6

11-Jun-09 World now at the start of 2009 influenza pandemic - Declaration of pandemic

11-Jun-09 EMA revised EU recommendation for composition of influenza vaccine

12-Jun-09 Third update of ECDC‟s Risk Assessment

12-Jun-09 EMA launches pandemic management plan

12-Jun-09 EMA in ongoing discussions with vaccine manufacturers

12-Jun-09 EMA launches pandemic management plan

15-Jun-09 First death in Europe reported from UK

17-Jun-09 WHO welcomes Sanofi-Aventis's donation of vaccine

18-Jun-09 Publication of PPT on evolution of the pandemic (H1N1) 2009

20-Jun-09 Publication of guidance on school closures by ECDC and article in Lancet

24-Jun-09 ECDC Press briefing on the Latest updates on pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and response strategies (mitigation versus containment)

24-Jun-09 ILI took off in UK (spring-summer wave)

01-Jul-09 UK moves from containment to mitigation of pandemic influenza

01-Jul-09 First fatal case in Spain

01-Jul-09 Publication of Threat Assessment - First isolation of a secondary oseltamivir-resistant A(H1N1)v strain in Denmark is published

02-Jul-09 „Influenza preparedness and response – lessons learned and next steps‟ /Jonkoping

02-Jul-09 EU Swedish Presidency meeting with experts from MS

02-Jul-09 WHO: Lessons learned and preparedness

02-Jul-09 EU Swedish Presidency technical meeting on the pandemic

03-Jul-09 „Coffee and the Commission‟: „Is the EU ready for the influenza pandemic?‟

06-Jul-09 Standard paediatric investigation plan adopted for pandemic-influenza vaccines

06-Jul-09 Dr. Isaac Weisfuse presentation on the outbreak of influenza A(H1N1)v in New York City

07-Jul-09 Written information from the Commission services on vaccines and vaccination against influenza A (H1N1)v: update as of 01

07-Jul-09 Informal Council meeting agrees on the unsustainability of containment strategies

08-Jul-09 WHO says there is no evidence indicating the development of widespread antiviral resistance among pandemic influenza A(H1N1)v

08-Jul-09 EMA published revised recommendations for pharmacovigilance plans for pandemic-influenza vaccines

09-Jul-09 Publication of clinical patient care checklist

13-Jul-09 Publication of first Executive Update for ECDC‟s key stakeholders

13-Jul-09 WHO recommendations on pandemic (H1N1) 2009 vaccines

14-Jul-09 Meeting convened by ECDC with Member States and WHO to devise a new EU pandemic surveillance strategy

14-Jul-09 ILI took off in Spain (spring-summer wave)

20-Jul-09 Fourth update of ECDC’s Risk Assessment

22-Jul-09 First fatal case Hungary

23-Jul-09 Publication of note by ECDC on school closures supporting Lancet article

23-Jul-09 Publication of the report "Europe‟s initial experience with pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - mitigation and delaying "policies and practices

24-Jul-09 Publication of report on priority groups for receipt of pandemic vaccines - SAGE

24-Jul-09 EMA publishes press release European Medicines Agency review of pandemic vaccines underway

26-Jul-09 CDC announced no longer reporting of number of cases

28-Jul-09 EMA says Relenza will be distributed with Rotacap/Rotahaler inhalation device during influenza pandemic

29-Jul-09 First ECDC/EPIET informal seminar on influenza pandemic investigations

30-Jul-09 ACIP meeting recommendations on US priority groups for pandemic influenza vaccine

30-Jul-09 First fatal case Belgium

30-Jul-09 First fatal case France

31-Jul-09 EMA recommends updating the product information for Tamiflu

04-Aug-09 First fatal case Netherlands

05-Aug-09 Briefing note on safety of pandemic vaccine by WHO

06-Aug-09 WHO briefing note on pandemic vaccines

07-Aug-09 First fatal case Ireland

10-Aug-09 ECDC Daily Situation Report changed format and name to Daily Update

13-Aug-09 Publication of Surveillance and studies in a pandemic: Report on fourth meeting of the SSiaP working group

13-Aug-09 Public Health agency of Canada published interim guidance for cruise ships

13-Aug-09 ECDC interim guidance: Use of specific pandemic influenza vaccines during the H1N1 2009 pandemic

13-Aug-09 Health Security Committee statement on School Closures and Travel Advice

13-Aug-09 Health Security Committee / Early Warning and Response System statement on School Closures

13-Aug-09 Health Security Committee / Early Warning and Response System statement on Travel Advice

14-Aug-09 UK publishes the pandemic vaccination priority groups

14-Aug-09 Switzerland publishes vaccination priority groups

17-Aug-09 WHO EURO workshop on deployment of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 vaccine

17-Aug-09 Call to action from WHO, IFRC, UNSIC, OCHA and UNICEF

18-Aug-09 ECDC updates its guidance on use of antivirals in a pandemic

18-Aug-09 First fatal case Malta

19-Aug-09 Regulatory process for the authorisation of antiviral medicines and vaccines in the protection against Pandemic Influenza (H1N1) 2009

19-Aug-09 Vaccination strategies against pandemic (H1N1) 2009

20-Aug-09 WHO issues a revision of its guidance on pharmacological management

21-Aug-09 Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on the use of influenza A(H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccine

21-Aug-09 Fifth update of ECDC‟s Risk Assessment

21-Aug-09 Background note on Novel Influenza Vaccines: Authorisation, Access, Production, Vaccination Strategies

22-Aug-00 WHO recommendations on the use of antivirals

23-Aug-09 First fatal case Greece

24-Aug-09 US president‟s advisors release report assessing pandemic influenza preparedness

25-Aug-09 WHO regional meeting on response to the pandemic

25-Aug-09 International meeting in China concerning influenza, especially the pandemic

25-Aug-09 Recommendation from Health Security Committee on Vaccine Risk and Target Groups

26-Aug-09 ILI took off in Germany (autumn - winter wave)

29-Aug-09 Contribution to Health Security Committee / Early Warning and Response System Statement on Influenza A(H1N1) 2009: target and priority groups for vaccination

31-Aug-09 Publication of European Commission policy statement on vaccination target and priority groups

31-Aug-09 ECDC Executive Update is published on the web for a wider audience

02-Sep-09 First fatal case Sweden

03-Sep-09 Answers to a list of questions from the HSC extended section on Influenza Preparedness and Response

04-Sep-09 ECDC Director speaks to European Parliament's ENVI Committee

06-Sep-09 First fatal case Norway

14-Sep-09 Updating of ECDC guidance on public health measures for this pandemic

15-Sep-09 First fatal case Italy

15-Sep-09 59th session of the Regional Committee of the WHO European Region meeting

15-Sep-09 Publication of Overview of surveillance of influenza 2009/2010 in the EU/EEA

15-Sep-09 Publication of first Weekly Influenza Surveillance Overview

15-Sep-09 Meeting on vaccine safety project (VAESCO II)

15-Sep-09 Methodology for SCCS and CCS was discussed and established. Study protocol finalized

15-Sep-09 Methodology for investigating background rates for the selected AESIs was shared

15-Sep-09 External participants in meeting: EMA Jim Slattery

17-Sep-09 ILI took off in UK (autumn-winter wave)

17-Sep-09 Publication by ECDC of pandemic surveillance strategy

18-Sep-09 Meeting on Development of a pandemic vaccine risk-benefit assessment model

19-Sep-09 First fatal case Luxembourg

19-Sep-09 Pandemic vaccine donations for the developing world

22-Sep-09 Adoption by European Commission of a Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on Pandemic (H1N1)2009

22-Sep-09 Friends of the Presidency Group meeting

22-Sep-09 US, CDC and ECDC joint video conference to discuss the Pandemic H1N1 2009

22-Sep-09 Advisory Forum meeting

23-Sep-09 Special issue of Health EU newsletter on Pandemic (H1N1)

24-Sep-09 Oman begins vaccination

24-Sep-09 China begins vaccination

24-Sep-09 First fatal case Portugal

24-Sep-09 Positive scientific opinion CHMP/EMA on Docetria and Pandemrix, first two pandemic vaccines

25-Sep-09 Positive scientific opinion CHMP/EMA for two pandemic vaccines on September 24th

25-Sep-09 Support for developing countries‟ response to the H1N1 influenza pandemic

25-Sep-09 Statement following the fifth meeting of the Emergency Committee

25-Sep-09 Sixth update of ECDC‟s Risk Assessment

25-Sep-09 Addition of the pandemic strain recommended for the 2010 Southern Hemisphere season

25-Sep-09 EMA gives positive recommendations for authorisation of pandemic-influenza vaccines Focetria and Pandemrix

28-Sep-09 Scientific Committee‟s vaccine working party

28-Sep-09 Australia begins vaccination

28-Sep-09 Hungary begins vaccination

29-Sep-09 Authorization of first two pandemic vaccines by European Commission

30-Sep-09 First fatal case Bulgaria

30-Sep-09 First fatal case Germany

30-Sep-09 Authorization of first two pandemic vaccines (Focetria & Pandemrix) by European Commission

30-Sep-09 European Commission approves Focetria and Pandemrix for use in the H1N1 influenza pandemic

30-Sep-09 The EU Commissioner for Health and the EMA Director give an update on their activities at the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament

30-Sep-09 First use of pandemic Vaccine in Europe (Hungary)

01-Oct-09 Regular meeting of the EU Chief Medical Officers

01-Oct-09 European Medicines Agency recommends updating Tamiflu product information

01-Oct-09 European Strategy for Influenza A/H1N1 Vaccine Benefit-Risk Monitoring

01-Oct-09 Inventory of EU research activities and data sources related to the H1N1 vaccines B/R monitoring

02-Oct-09 European Medicines Agency recommends authorisation of Celvapan for use against pandemic influenza

05-Oct-09 Four pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 vaccines available on the European market

05-Oct-09 US begins vaccination

05-Oct-09 ILI took off in Netherlands

06-Oct-09 Authorisation of third pandemic vaccine by the European Commission following positive scientific opinion CHMP/EMA on October 1st

08-Oct-09 Microsoft launches a web-based pandemic influenza self-assessment tool

12-Oct-09 Belgium begins vaccination

12-Oct-09 Sweden begins vaccination

12-Oct-09 Italy begins vaccination

12-Oct-09 EU Health Minister‟s Extraordinary Council meeting

12-Oct-09 „Strengthening Europe‟s Defences against Communicable Diseases‟ - Competent Bodies meeting

12-Oct-09 European Commission approves Celvapan for use in H1N1 pandemic

12-Oct-09 Extraordinary EU Council of Health Ministers

14-Oct-09 WHO meeting on Clinical Aspects of influenza (H1N1)2009

15-Oct-09 World Health Congress

15-Oct-09 Advisory Forum teleconference

15-Oct-09 ECDC article in Eurosurveillance on pandemic vaccines - Johansen et al

19-Oct-09 Pandemic influenza preparedness meeting on sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other benefits

19-Oct-09 First fatal case Iceland

20-Oct-09 Norway begins vaccination

20-Oct-09 France begins vaccination

20-Oct-09 Japan begins vaccination

20-Oct-09 Monaco begins vaccination

20-Oct-09 Finland begins vaccination

20-Oct-09 ILI took off in Italy

20-Oct-09 ILI took off in Spain (autumn-winter wave)

20-Oct-09 ILI took off in Bulgaria

20-Oct-09 ILI took off in Germany (autumn-winter wave)

22-Oct-09 UK begins vaccination

23-Oct-09 EMA scientific committee recommends updating product information for Focetria and Pandemrix

24-Oct-09 EMA maintains recommendation of two doses for pandemic vaccine

26-Oct-09 ESCAIDE 2009

26-Oct-09 Death of 13 year child in Toronto area (Canada) leads to dramatic change in attitude to immunisation

26-Oct-09 First fatal case Czech Republic

26-Oct-09 First fatal case Finland

28-Oct-09 Friends of the Presidency Group meeting

29-Oct-09 Slovenia begins vaccination

29-Oct-09 Austria begins vaccination

29-Oct-09 Canada begins vaccination

29-Oct-09 Germany begins vaccination

29-Oct-09 Kuwait begins vaccination

29-Oct-09 Luxembourg begins vaccination

29-Oct-0 Portugal begins vaccination

29-Oct-09 Republic of Korea begins vaccination

29-Oct-09 ILI took off in Denmark

29-Oct-09 ILI took off in Estonia

29-Oct-09 ILI took off in Sweden

30-Oct-09 Conference „Influenza at the interface between humans and animals‟

30-Oct-09 WHO SAGE Committee advises on pandemic vaccines

02-Nov-09 First fatal case Austria

05-Nov-09 Publication of European Strategy for Influenza A/H1N1Vaccine Benefit-Risk Monitoring

05-Nov-09 ECDC Management Board Meeting received briefing

05-Nov-09 European strategy for benefit-risk monitoring of influenza A/H1N1 vaccines adopted

05-Nov-09 European benefit-risk strategy published by EMA, ECDC and Heads of the European Medicines Agency

06-Nov-09 Seventh update of ECDC‟s Risk Assessment

06-Nov-09 Pandemic H1N1 outbreak in Ukraine

08-Nov-09 Denmark begins vaccination

08-Nov-09 Ireland begins vaccination

08-Nov-09 Israel begins vaccination

08-Nov-09 Qatar begins vaccination

08-Nov-09 Saudi Arabia begins vaccination

08-Nov-09 Singapore begins vaccination

08-Nov-09 Turkey begins vaccination

08-Nov-09 ILI took off in Austria

09-Nov-09 Delegation from the Ministry of Health in Turkey visits ECDC

09-Nov-09 First fatal case Latvia

09-Nov-09 First Q & A on vaccines for experts published

10-Nov-09 UAE begins vaccination

10-Nov-09 Switzerland begins vaccination

10-Nov-09 Russia begins vaccination

10-Nov-09 Netherlands begins vaccination

10-Nov-09 Spain begins vaccination

10-Nov-09 Agreement for donation of pandemic H1N1 vaccine signed

10-Nov-09 ILI took off in Lithuania

10-Nov-09 First Q & A on vaccines for general public published

11-Nov-09 Weekly global pharmacovigilance teleconference convened by WHO starts

12-Nov-09 Keynote lecture Influenza pandemic in the EU: the threat is real!

12-Nov-09 Meeting on pandemic influenza (H1N1) vaccination

12-Nov-09 Public Health Committee meeting

12-Nov-09 Health Security Committee meeting

12-Nov-09 CDC Estimates of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths in the United States first published, April – October 17, 2009

15-Nov-09 First fatal case Poland

15-Nov-09 First weekly meeting of the EMA PREG group to review difficult AEFIs

16-Nov-09 Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) meeting

16-Nov-09 Advisory Forum teleconference

16-Nov-09 ECDC's visit to Bulgaria

17-Nov-09 WHO meeting in Geneva

18-Nov-09 First fatal case Lithuania

18-Nov-09 Jordan begins vaccination

18-Nov-09 Greece begins vaccination

19-Nov-09 WHO Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 briefing note 16 on Safety of pandemic vaccines

20-Nov-09 ECDC‟s Visit to Turkey

20-Nov-09 First fatal case Denmark

20-Nov-09 EMA reaffirms efficacy and safety of H1N1v pandemic vaccines

23-Nov-09 First fatal case Romania

24-Nov-09 Friends of the Presidency Group meeting

24-Nov-09 First fatal case Slovenia

25-Nov-09 First fatal case Estonia

25-Nov-09 Romania begins vaccination

25-Nov-09 Cyprus begins vaccination

25-Nov-09 Croatia begins vaccination

26-Nov-09 Statement following the sixth meeting of the Emergency Committee

30-Nov-09 Vaccine Working Party

01-Dec-09 EU Council of Health Ministers

01-Dec-09 Contribution to EMA data on cumulative exposure data regarding H1N1 vaccines

01-Dec-09 Contribution to EMA discussions on composition of influenza vaccines for season 2010/2011

02-Dec-09 ECDC Director updated EU health ministers on influenza pandemic

03-Dec-09 Influenza Virology Task Groups working meeting

03-Dec-09 First EMA weekly pharmacovigilance report

04-Dec-09 European Medicines Agency advises of risk of fever among young children following pandemic vaccination

04-Dec-09 WHO said it is too early to judge if pandemic has peaked

08-Dec-09 Advisory Forum Meeting

11-Dec-09 Eurovaccine 2009

14-Dec-09 Estonia begins vaccination

15-Dec-09 Workshop on pandemic response in South East Europe in Bucharest

15-Dec-09 Highest number of deaths announced in EU and EFTA countries - 319

16-Dec-09 Health Security Committee Communicators‟ network meeting

16-Dec-09 EMA publishes third weekly pandemic pharmacovigilance report

17-Dec-09 Eight update of ECDC‟s Risk Assessment

17-Dec-09 Advisory Forum teleconference on Forward Look Risk Assessment

18-Dec-09 Health Security Committee influenza section teleconference with the EMA

18-Dec-09 Albania begins vaccination

18-Dec-09 FYROM begins vaccination

18-Dec-09 Iran begins vaccination

18-Dec-09 Montenegro begins vaccination

18-Dec-09 Serbia begins vaccination

18-Dec-09 EMA updates on pandemic medicines

18-Dec-09 Contribution to ECDC Q&A for health professionals on vaccines and vaccination in relation to the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic

18-Dec-09 ECDC Q&As for the Public on pandemic vaccines were updated

18-Dec-09 ECDC Q&As for Experts on pandemic vaccines were updated

19-Dec-09 Update to the Q & A on vaccines for general public

22-Dec-09 Adoption by the European Council of Recommendation on Seasonal influenza immunisation

23-Dec-09 EMA publishes fourth weekly pandemic pharmacovigilance report

27-Dec-09 Malta begins vaccination

29-Dec-09 Publication of recommendations on seasonal influenza vaccination

14-Jan-10 Annual meeting of the Advisory Board of the EU Project Flusecure

18-Jan-10 Advisory Forum teleconference on Future look Risk Assessment

18-Jan-10 EMA visited ECDC

18-Jan-10 ECDC goes to PHE level 0

19-Jan-10 Publication of last ECDC Daily Update

22-Jan-10 Statement of the World Health Organization on allegations of conflict of interest and 'fake' pandemic

22-Jan-10 EMA recommends update of product information for Tamiflu

22-Jan-10 EMA recommends update of product information for Pandemrix to include more data from studies in children

22-Jan-10 EMA recommends fourth pandemic vaccine for approval

01-Feb-10 Report on Background rates for AESIs was shared with EMA

02-Feb-10 European Commission-led evaluation of the pandemic response at the EU level

09-Feb-10 Planning meeting with Nordic countries on pandemic response evaluation

14-Feb-10 World Health Organization strain selection and vaccine meeting

17-Feb-10 Advisory Forum meeting

18-Feb-10 WHO recommended viruses for influenza vaccine use in the 2010–2011 Northern Hemisphere influenza season

18-Feb-10 Obtained Background rates using common software in national or regional databases from eight countries were discussed and a publication plan was agreed upon

18-Feb-10 Update on SCCS and CCS on-going in participating countries

19-Feb-10 CHMP recommends fifth pandemic vaccine for marketing authorisation

19-Feb-10 Immunogenicity tests for Celvapan – outcome of a meeting of vaccination experts

22-Feb-10 Steering Group meeting for the Belgium EU Presidency

24-Feb-10 Director-General statement following the seventh meeting of the Emergency Committee

03-Mar-10 EU Health Working Party meeting

08-Mar-10 ECDC's Forward look risk assessment for the 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) and future influenza season

19-Mar-10 EMA recommends update of product information for Celvapan to include data from clinical studies

23-Apr-10 Contribution to 'Support tool for EU Member States' internal review of pandemic vaccination strategy' and to 'EU strategic questions on pandemic vaccination strategies'

23-Apr-10 Marketing authorisations for Celvapan, Focetria and Pandemrix recommended to be switched to 'full'

30-Apr-10 ECDC ceases searching for announced deaths

01-Jun-10 Meeting of the European Influenza Surveillance Network in Sofia June 1-4th

01-Jun-10 Annual Meeting of the European Influenza Surveillance Network (EISN)

07-Jun-10 Face to Face Meeting of the EU Vaccine Task Force in Brussels

23-Jun-10 Proof of concept for data linkage studies, known association investigated MMR and TP in two participating countries

23-Jun-10 First preliminary data shared from SCCS and CCS for GBS and pandemic vaccines – study will continue until October 31, 2010

23-Jun-10 External participants in meeting: EMA Jim Slattery, WHO HQ Patrick Zuber

24-Jun-10 Validation procedures for obtained background rates was agreed

24-Jun-10 External Steering Committee meeting - An overview of results from VAESCO project were presented and Advice on the future of VAESCO was provided

01-Jul-10 EU Belgian Presidency Conference on the Lessons Learnt from the Pandemic - Brussels

05-Jul-10 Informal Health Council under the Belgian EU Presidency debates the lessons learnt from the pandemic

10-Jul-10 Ninth meeting of the WHO Pandemic 2009 Emergency Committee – Recommends World no longer in pandemic

10-Jul-10 WHO Director General announces that the world is no longer in a pandemic 

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