Health communication resources on influenza

ECDC collects health communication research and best practices and develops practical resources with the aim to assist public health authorities in Member States in their health promotion initiatives.

This page includes links to key communication resources on  influenza prevention and control.

Influenza communication guide: How to increase influenza vaccination uptake and promote preventive measures to limit its spread

The influenza vaccination communication guide provide advice, guidance and campaign materials to support national influenza vaccination campaigns with the purpose of increasing the influenza vaccination uptake in the EU Member States.

E-learning course: Influenza vaccination campaigns targeting healthcare workers

This online course aims to support the EU/EEA Member States in their planning of annual seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns targeting healthcare workers.

National campaigns

All updates on influenza vaccination


World Health Organization recommendations for the influenza virus vaccine composition for the 2020 southern hemisphere season

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Availability of influenza vaccines by country in EU/EEA in the 2019/20 season

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WHO recommendations for influenza virus vaccine composition for the 2019–2020 northern hemisphere season

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Influenza vaccination coverage rates insufficient across EU Member States

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Seasonal influenza vaccination and antiviral use in EU/EEA Member States

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