Autochthonous transmission of dengue virus in EU/EEA, 2010-2019

Dengue is an Aedes-borne disease widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. Globally, the virus is predominantly transmitted by the Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus mosquitoes. While Ae. aegypti is so far not established in continental EU, Ae. albopictus is established in the southern and central parts of the EU and is spreading. 

Dengue is not endemic in the EU/EEA and the vast majority of the cases are travellers infected outside of the EU/EEA.  When the environmental conditions are favourable, in areas where Ae. albopictus is established, viraemic travel-related cases may generate a local transmission of the virus, as demonstrated by the sporadic events of dengue virus transmission since 2010. 

Year Country, region, municipalities Number of autochthonous cases Probable period of circulation Probable origin of the primary travel-related case Virus References
2010 Croatia, Korčula Island and the Pelješac peninsula

Two Croatian cases (and seven probable cases in same area with IgG and IgM positive)

One case among a German traveller. 

August–October Unknown DEN-1 [1-3]
2010 France, Alpes-Maritimes department, Nice Two  End August–September Probably Martinique DEN-1 [4-6]
2013 France, Bouches–du-Rhône department, in the vicinity of Aix-en-Provence One  October Guadeloupe DEN-2* [6, 7]
2014 France, Var department, Toulon One  Early August Unknown DEN-1 (central America) [6, 8]
2014 France, Var department, Toulon One  Early September Unknown DEN-2 (Asia) [6, 8]
2014 France, Bouches-du-Rhône department, Aubagne Two  Late August–September Unknown DEN-2 (Asia) [6, 8]
2015 France, Gard department, Nîmes Eight  July–September  Possibly French Polynesia DEN-1 [9, 10]
2018 France, Alpes Maritimes department, Saint Laurent du Var Five September–October Unknown DEN-2 (Asia) [6,11] 
2018 France, Hérault department, Montpellier Two September–August  Unknown DEN-1 (central America) [6, 11] 
2018 France, Gard department, Nîmes One October Possibly French Polynesia DEN-1 (Pacific) [6]
2018 Spain, Murcia region or province of Cádiz Three August Unknown DEN-1 [11-13]
2018 Spain, Murcia region   Two September Unknown DEN-1 [11-13]
2018 Spain, Catalonia region One October Unknown DEN-1 [12, 13]
2019 Spain, Catalonia region Two September Unknown DEN-1 [14, 15]
2019 France, Alpes-Maritimes department, Vallauris Seven Late August–September Unknown DEN-1 [15, 16]
2019 France, Rhône department, Caluire-et-Cuire Two July South-east Asia Unknown [15, 17]


DEN-1 and DEN-2: Dengue serotype 1 and 2, respectively; *: by seroneutralization.



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