HEPSA – health emergency preparedness self-assessment tool, User guide


 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. HEPSA – health emergency preparedness self-assessment tool – user guide. Stockholm: ECDC; 2018

ECDC launched the HEPSA (Health Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment) tool, in order to support countries in improving their level of public health emergency preparedness. The tool is worksheet-based and is targeted at professionals in public health organisations responsible for emergency planning and event management. It consists of seven domains that define the process of public health emergency preparedness and response: 1) Pre-event preparations and governance; 2) Resources: Trained workforce; 3) Support capacity: Surveillance; 4) Support capacity: Risk assessment; 5) Event response management; 6) Post-event review; 7) Implementation of lessons learned.

The HEPSA tool (available under 'publication data' below) is complemented by this user guide, which provides basic information on the self-assessment process, and an evaluation form.

The tool is now available in all EU/EEA languages.

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