Towards One Health preparedness


 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Towards One Health preparedness. Stockholm: ECDC; 2018. 

In order to further explore and identify priority areas for action for strengthening One Health preparedness in Europe, ECDC convened an expert consultation on 11–12 December 2017. The consultation consisted of both plenary and parallel group work sessions. The latter focused in particular on addressing three key questions:

- Based on the key risk drivers and disease threats facing Europe, what sectors and disciplines should be prioritised for collaboration?
- What can be learned from the public health response to past zoonotic disease outbreaks?
- How can intersectoral preparedness strategies best be implemented in a One Health context (i.e. what operational and research priorities exist in Europe for implementing One Health preparedness)?

This report summarises the key conclusions from this consultation, structured around the questions noted above. Although some references are included, the text is predominantly based upon the oral discussion and the group work presentations.