Data on country response measures to COVID-19


The data below corresponds to the selected national public response measures presented in the weekly COVID-19 country overview report.

Disclaimer: The data on non-pharmaceutical interventions (or response measures) are based on information available from official public sources, and may not capture measures being taken by countries that are not reported on publicly available websites. The situation is evolving rapidly and this represents a snapshot of the measures that countries in the EU/EEA have reported to date. The response measures displayed are national measures, reported on official public websites. Response measures collected include mass gathering cancellations (for specific events or a ban on gatherings of a particular size); closure of public spaces (including restaurants, entertainment venues, non-essential shops, partial or full closure of public transport etc.); closure of educational institutions (including daycare or nursery, primary schools, and secondary schools and higher education); ‘stay-at-home’ recommendations for risk groups or vulnerable populations (such as the elderly, people with underlying health conditions, physically disabled people etc.); ‘stay-at-home’ recommendations for the general population (which are voluntary or not enforced); and ‘stay-at-home’ orders for the general population (these are enforced and also referred to as ‘lockdown’), use of protective masks in public spaces/on public transport (mutually exclusive voluntary recommendations and mandatory obligations shown separately) and also teleworking recommendations/closure of workplaces.

The data on response measures has several limitations. Firstly, there is substantial heterogeneity in physical distancing policies and their implementation between countries. For instance, the level of enforcement of measures may vary between countries and there may be specific rules and exceptions to the measures, making interpretation of the data challenging. The measures displayed in these figures are measures reported at national level and it should be noted that due to the evolution of the outbreak in certain regions, regional or local measures often preceded national ones. The exact dates of introduction were often available from official sources but delays in their implementation may have occurred. Additionally, availability of public data from official government sources varies among countries. For some countries, data are no longer available on official websites concerning measures that are no longer in force, which may result in the data for more recent measures being more complete.

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