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List of influenza pandemic preparedness plans

This page is listing influenza pandemic preparedness plans for EU countries, EFTA countries, Candidate countries and from the Commission of the European Communities and the World Health Organization. Please send additions or updates to

EU countries

EFTA countries

 EFTA countries Date published Title and link
Norway2014*​Nasjonal beredskapsplan pandemisk influensa ​



Other Date published Title and link
Commission of the European Communities 2004  Commission Working Document on Community Influenza Pandemic Preparedness and Response Planning 

World Health Organization


Pandemic influenza preparedness and response


About influenza pandemic preparedness

Influenza pandemics, whether mild, moderate or severe, affect a large proportion of the population and require a multisectoral response over several months or even years. For this reason, countries develop plans describing their strategies for responding to a pandemic supported by operational plans at national and subnational levels. Preparing for an influenza pandemic is a continuous process of planning, exercising, revising and translating into action national and subnational pandemic preparedness and response plans. A pandemic plan is thus a living document which is reviewed at intervals and revised if there is a change in global guidance or evidence-base; lessons learned from a pandemic, an exercise, or other relevant outbreak; or changes to national or international legislation related to communicable disease prevention and control. Read more

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