Tuberculosis surveillance in Europe 2009

Surveillance report
Publication series: Tuberculosis surveillance in Europe

The joint ECDC/WHO tuberculosis (TB) surveillance report presents and analyses data collected for 2009 in the European Union, European Economic Area and the additional 24 countries of the WHO European Region. The region reported 329 391 new episodes of tuberculosis in 2009 and 46 241 deaths from the disease in 2008.In 2009, surveillance of tuberculosis revealed a mixed epidemiological picture among the countries of the region. Countries in the east remain with much higher notification rates than those in the west. Although the trend in TB notifications has been decreasing since 2005, the WHO European Region has the poorest treatment outcome in the world, particularly among retreatment cases.The report makes a number of recommendations to improve the monitoring and reporting of TB in order to support effective TB control efforts.

Executive summary

While the EU/EEA Member States continue to mark a decline in the overall notification, the report highlights the need to address childhood TB as a key component on the way towards TB elimination: Almost 40 000 TB cases in children were notified in the past decade with more than 3 300 reported cases in 2009 – clearly indicating that TB diagnosis in children remains a major challenge even within the EU/EEA.  Hence, ECDC highlights the importance of eliminating childhood tuberculosis across Europe with a number of publications and activities.ECDC has dedicated a theme website (Spotlight) on childhood TB highlighting key messages on childhood TB. Key findings from the TB surveillance report, a video and a documentary produced in collaboration with Euronews (airing on TV on 21 March) will be included in this Spotlight as well. In addition, in the light of World TB Day on 24 March, ECDC in cooperation with the Stop TB Partnership is hosting an international meeting on childhood TB in Stockholm on 17 and 18 March 2011. In a joint effort to highlight the current global childhood TB situation, ECDC Director Marc Sprenger will reflect on the challenges of childhood TB in Europe. The conference aims at a concerted advocacy approach to make the voice of the children heard.


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