Trichinellosis - Annual Epidemiological Report for 2019

Surveillance report
Publication series: Annual Epidemiological Report
Time period covered: 1 January - 31 December 2019

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Trichinellosis. In: ECDC. Annual epidemiological report for 2019. Stockholm: ECDC; 2021.

Trichinellosis is a rare but serious human disease in the EU/EEA. In 2019, 12 EU/EEA countries reported 96 confirmed cases of trichinellosis.  Bulgaria, Italy and Spain accounted for 79.2% of all confirmed cases. The overall EU/EEA notification rate was 0.02 cases per 100 000 population in 2019. Consumption of undercooked meat from pigs raised under non-controlled housing conditions or hunted wild boar constitutes the highest risk for acquiring trichinellosis in the EU/EEA.