Joint ECDC, EFSA and EURL Lm report: European Listeria typing exercise (ELiTE)

Scientific and technical publications

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, European Food Safety Authority, French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety. European Listeria typing exercise (ELiTE). Stockholm: ECDC; 2021.

The 'European Listeria Typing Exercise’ (ELiTE) is a collaborative study initiated in 2010 as a multi-sectorial, multi-centre exercise between ECDC, EFSA, the EURL Lm, National Public Health Institutes, National Public Health Reference Laboratories, National Food Safety Authorities, food National Reference Laboratories for L. monocytogenes and involving indirectly, local and regional public health and food safety authorities. This report presents the objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of the study, as well as recommendations for further studies.