Surveillance and disease data for diphtheria

ECDC’s annual epidemiological reports provide a wealth of epidemiological data to support decision-making at the national level. They are mainly intended for public health professionals and policymakers involved in disease prevention and control programmes.

Since 2014, ECDC’s Annual Epidemiological Report are available as a series of individual epidemiological disease reports. Starting with the annual reports based on 2015 data (and published during 2017), the change is also reflected in the titles: reports will no longer be named after the year of publication; instead, the year given in the title (i.e. 'Annual epidemiological report for 2015') refers to the year the data were collected.

All reports on this page are based data retrieved from TESSy. Countries participating in disease surveillance submitted their data electronically.

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EU case definitions

Case definitions for each infectious disease covered by EU surveillance, as published in the Official Journal of the European Union.