Scientific advice on human papillomavirus


Countering online vaccine misinformation in the EU/EEA

Presentation, Guidance -

This study provides insights for national public health authorities into the factors behind the spread of vaccine misinformation online and the options and capacities needed for responding to it.


Guidance on HPV vaccination in EU countries: focus on boys, people living with HIV and 9-valent HPV vaccine introduction

Guidance -

This document summarises evidence from studies included in the licensing file of HPV vaccines together with postlicensure, peer-reviewed data and analysis where available. This guidance does not address the safety of HPV vaccines observed during the pre- and post-licensing period.


Technical guidance on the Introduction of HPV vaccines in European Union countries – an update

Technical guidance -

In January 2008, a panel of ECDC experts produced the Guidance for the introduction of HPV vaccines in EU countries. Since then, the European Union has come a long way: most countries have implemented national vaccination programmes for adolescent girls and a significant number have also introduced catch-up programmes for young women.