Prevention and control measures for HIV infection and AIDS

Even though HIV is preventable through effective public health measures, the HIV epidemic persists largely unchanged in the countries of the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA) – with around 30 000 newly reported diagnoses every year.  

ECDC estimates that around 810 000 people are currently living with HIV in the EU/EEA – of which 122 000 (15%) are not aware of their infection.

If diagnosed and treated early enough, people can live long and healthy lives with HIV. To reach the estimated 15% who are not aware of their infection, Europe needs to increase efforts to promote and facilitate more testing for HIV. And link those diagnosed to care.

Response should be strengthened and tailored to each country’s specific needs in order to control the HIV epidemic in Europe. This includes implementation of targeted, evidence-based HIV prevention programmes for key populations who are most at risk but might not be reached by (or are not responding to) current interventions like  men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs and migrants from countries with generalised epidemics. 

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