Security services

Ref.: OJ/03/07/2015-PROC/2015/022 | Media type: call for tender

Contract Award Notice
Contract Notice ENG
Contract Notice - corrigendum
Invitation to Tender  /Anbudsinfordran
Tender Specifications_corrected_29/08/2015  /Anbudsspecifikationer_korrekt_29/08/2015
Annex I - Draft Contract  / Bilaga I - Kontraktsutkast för tjänster
Annex II - Exclusion criteria and non–conflict of interest declaration  / Bilaga II - Försäkran på heder och samvete
Annex III - Legal entity form (available in all EU languages)
Annex IV - Financial identification form (available in all EU languages)
Annex V - Authorised signatory form  / Bilaga V - Formulär om behörig undertecknare
Annex VI - Curriculum Vitae template (available in all EU languages)
Annex VII - Financial Proposal  / Bilaga VII - Formulär för prisförslag
Annex VIII - Confirmation of offer submissio​n   /Bilaga VIII - Bekräftelse av inlämning av anbud
Annex IX - Tender submission checklist  / Bilaga IX - Checklista för inlämning av anbud

Annex X - Technical Questionnaire   / Bilaga X - Teknisk frågeformulär

Annex XI - IP 86 on Access to ECDC Premises and usage rules (provided to interest parties during the compulsory visit)

Bilaga XI - IP 86 om tillträde till ECDCs lokaler och användningsregler

Annex XII - Seat Agreement Art.6 (provided to interest parties during the compulsory visit) /Bilaga XII - Värdlandsavtalet 

Annex XIII - ECDC 2016 holiday calendar  /Bilaga XIII - ECDCs helgdagar 2016

Annex XIV - Timesheet template  /Bilaga XIV - Mall för tidrapport

Annex XV - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages learning


NEW DEADLINES (see contract notice corrigendum above)
New deadline for submission: 14/09/2015New deadline for request of clarifications: 08/09/2015New opening of tenders: 21/09/2015
Additional information: dates have been added for the compulsory site visit, please find below the new valid dates
23/07/2015 at 9:0028/07/2015 at 11:0011/08/2015 at 9:0018/08/2015 at 9:00
NEW DATE: 31/08/2015 at 09:00 
Question 1
Please confirm that no financial/performance guarantee (Article II. 15.5,  I. 4 of the draft contract and Article 2.3.7 of the tender specifications) is required and that it is sufficient that the contractor has requisite liability insurance.
As long as it’s not required under article I.4 of the contract, no financial/performance guarantee is needed.
Question 2
Regarding Annex X, 3. Technical Award criterion 3: Operation Level Agreement:
If you are indicating less than 5 working days, your offer won’t be retained for further evaluation. If you are indicating 5 working days, your offer will receive 60% of the max points available for this sub criterion. The underlined word, less, is that correct or should it be “more”
Yes, “less” is correct
Question 3
Regarding Tender specification, 3.2.4 F. You are asking for CVs to be provided in the tender:
You are asking for: Guard: 5 CVs and Guards Team leader: 2 CVs. In the text below you summarize it to 9 CVs to be provided.
Shouldn´t it be 7 CVs
Yes, 7 CV is the correct number to be submitted.
Question 4We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in regards to the "Security Services Framwork Service Contract" with publication reference OJ/03/07/2015-PROC/2015/022 the wording and the requirements stated in 3.2.4 Technical Capacity as follows: "Have proven experience in providing security services to office buildings and premises for medium sized (~400 people) international organizations located in Europe and preferably in Sweden, in the past 3 years."
It is our meaning that this excludes all but 3 companies in Sweden and thus must be seen as restricting competition on an equal basis. We would very much appreciate if the wording could be changed to open up for mopre companies to tender for the contract.
The wording of this specific part of the Technical capacity requirements and related evidence is changed to:
  · Have proven experience in providing security services to office buildings and premises for medium sized (~400 people) organizations, in the past 3 years.
  · Have proven experience in providing security services to international organizations located in Europe and preferably in Sweden, in the past 3 years.
Evidence required:
  · A list of similar services provided in the last 3 (three) years including a description of the services, the value of the contracts, the duration, the recipients and any information considered useful to better qualify the experience.
Please see updated Tender Specifications 28/08/2015.
Question 5
Annex VII: What are the size of fire extinguishers you wish to have priced
Extinguisher category A: 9 liters
Extinguisher category B: 5 kg
Question 6
Tender Specifications e: How many call outs is it outside office hours
From a statistical point of view from 1 January 2015 until 23 August 2015 included, the patrol was dispatched to the ECDC premises 73 times due to alarm or other issues. However the tender specifications are not limiting the number of patrols. See paragraph 2.2.1 in the Tender Specifications “… the Contractor is required to arrange for constant alarm monitoring and random roving patrols which shall respond to all alarms and also perform patrols within the Centre's premises. It is also the responsibility of the Contractor to arm/disarm the intrusion control systems accordingly”.
Question 7
Tender Specifications 2.3.2: Does all inclusive price mean that if you need to replace a card reader in the access system it´s included in the monthly cost
No. The reference to all inclusive prices in Tender Specifications 2.3.2 relates to the individual prices quoted either in Annex VII or in the list price for additional services mentioned in Annex X Technical Award Criterion 2, question 2.
Question 8Article II. 10 - Ownership of the result - Intellectual and Industrial Property Right Please confirm that this paragraph does not apply.
AnswerThe “Article II.10 – Ownership of the results – Intellectual and industrial property rights” of the draft contract is indeed applicable. Please note that its scope encompasses only the ownership of intellectual and industrial property rights of those results produced in performance of the Framework Contract according to the tender specifications.