Revised Independence Policy for Non-Staff

Corporate publication

This policy applies to members and alternates of the ECDC Management Board (MB) and Advisory Forum (AF), other individuals working on behalf of ECDC, including interims, as well as contractors and external experts participating in activities in which their evidence, expert opinion and advice may influence the scientific position of ECDC, regardless of their official job title or function. This policy does not cover ECDC staff members that are subject to the provisions of the EU Staff Regulations and Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union, which includes the ECDC Director and the members of the Senior Management Team (SMT). There is a separate policy and internal procedure which applies to ECDC staff members.

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Advisory Forum

The Advisory Forum advises the Director of the Centre on the quality of the scientific work undertaken by ECDC.

Management Board

As an independent EU Agency, ECDC reports to a Management Board whose members are nominated by the Member States, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Transparency and independence

As stated in its Founding Regulation, “the confidence of the Community institutions, the general public and interested parties in ECDC is essential. For this reason, it is vital to ensure its independence, high scientific quality, transparency and efficiency”.