Online tutorial on Epidemic Intelligence

Tools for public health

This e-learning provides a thorough description of the different steps in Epidemic Intelligence (EI). It also describes the reasons for doing EI and the methods to perform EI. For those who already do EI, the course will strengthen their capacities, present updated tools as well as showing the way ECDC performs EI. The purpose of this course is also to develop a common approach on EI activities. To access the tutorial, you need to create an account on ECDC Virtual Academy (EVA).

About epidemic intelligence

Epidemic intelligence is a method for systematic collection and collation of information on communicable diseases of concern to the EU from a variety of sources. The aim is to ensure a timely response, based on an adequate risk assessment with recommendations on appropriate public health measures.

A weekly summary of all information gathered through epidemic intelligence regarding communicable diseases of concern to the EU is available in the ECDC report “Communicable disease threats reports”.