Invasive bacterial diseases - Annual Epidemiological Report 2014 [2012 data]

Surveillance report
Publication series: Annual Epidemiological Report
Time period covered: 01 January 2012 - 31 December 2012

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Annual epidemiological report 2014 – Vaccine-preventable diseases – invasive bacterial diseases. Stockholm: ECDC; 2015.

The Annual Epidemiological Report 2014 gives an overview of the epidemiology of communicable diseases of public health significance in Europe, drawn from surveillance information on the 52 communicable diseases and health issues for which surveillance is mandatory in the European Union and European Economic Area countries.

Executive summary

In order to facilitate more timely publication, this year’s edition of the Annual Epidemiological Report is being first published a disease group at a time and will later be compiled into one comprehensive report. This report presents the epidemiological situation for vaccine preventable diseases – invasive bacterial diseases (invasive Haemophilus influenzae, meningococcal and pneumococcal disease) as of 2012 and describes the statistical and epidemiological methods used.
Produced annually, the report is intended for policymakers and health sector leaders, epidemiologists, scientists and the wider public. It is hoped that readers will find it a useful overview and reference to better understand the present situation in relation to communicable diseases in Europe. It should also usefully assist policymakers and health leaders in making evidence-based decisions to plan and improve programmes, services and interventions for preventing, managing and treating these diseases.

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