Health communication strategy 2010–2013

ECDC corporate
1 Nov 2009

ECDC’s strategic communication objectives are to raise awareness of issues related to communicable diseases among specific target EU audiences; and to establish ECDC’s reputation as the leading European expert authority in the field.

Executive summary

In the ECDC Multi-annual Strategic Programme (MSP) 2007–2013, target area 6 concerns communicating information on communicable disease prevention and control. Target 6 states: ‘By the year 2013, ECDC’s communication output will be the main European source of authoritative and independent scientific and technical information in its field and will be the reference support point in the European Union for risk communication on communicable diseases’.

This target will be reached through three strategies:

  • To efficiently communicate ECDC’s scientific and technical output to professional audiences.
  • To develop the means, procedures and necessary partnerships for efficient and coordinated communication of key public health messages and information to the media and to the European public.
  • To support the Member States’ health communication capacities.