Communicable disease threats report, Week 32, 2 - 8 August 2015

Publication series: Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR)
Time period covered: 2 - 8 August 2015

​​​The ECDC communicable disease threats report is a weekly bulletin intended for epidemiologists and health professionals in the area of communicable disease prevention and control. Summarising information gathered by ECDC through its epidemic intelligence activities regarding communicable disease threats of concern to the European Union, it also provides updates on the global situation and changes in the epidemiology of communicable diseases with potential to affect Europe, including diseases that are the focus of eradication efforts.

Executive summary

 This issue covers the period 2 to 8 August 2015 and includes updates on a fatal case of anthrax following animal exposure in Bulgaria, cases of West Nile virus in Europe and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.


Fatal case of anthrax following animal exposure in Bulgaria

On 21 July, Bulgaria reported a fatal case of B. anthracis in a 53-year-old breeder of sheep and cows who died on 17 July in Varna after having slaughtered a sick animal. Further investigations revealed that a meat-processing plant used the contaminated meat. The plant was closed and disinfected and all products were confiscated.
In a joint risk outbreak assessment with the European Food Safe Authority published on 7 August, ECDC concluded that the risk of spreading the infection to other EU and EEA countries represented by this event is negligible.

West Nile virus in Europe

Since the beginning of the 2015 transmission season and as of 6 August, six human cases of West Nile fever (WNF) have been reported in the EU Member States.
In addition to the weekly West Nile fever maps,  ECDC also recently published maps showing new areas with invasive mosquitoes species in southern Europe.

Ebola virus disease in West Africa

As of 2 August 2015, WHO has reported 27 898 cases of Ebola virus disease related to the outbreak in West Africa, including 11 296 deaths.
According to the latest WHO situation report published on 5 August 2015, two confirmed cases of EVD were reported in the week up to 2 August, one in Guinea and one in Sierra Leone. Liberia has reported no new cases. This is the lowest weekly total reported since March 2014.
ECDC published a Public Health Development on positive preliminary results of an Ebola vaccine efficacy trial in Guinea.