World Tuberculosis Day - 24 March 2017

19 Mar 2017

​​Tuberculosis (TB) has become the world’s leading single infectious disease killer, an unenviable title previously held by HIV/AIDS. It is therefore more important than ever to join forces against TB to successfully reach the goal of ending TB by 2030. World Tuberculosis Day - marked each year on 24 March - gives the occasion to raise awareness about TB and to advocate for efforts to eliminate it.

‘Unite to end TB’ is the global theme for World Tuberculosis Day and it resonates as a reminder that we can overcome the challenge, we can end TB, provided we stand together.
Alongside the World Health Organization, ECDC published the joint report ‘Tuberculosis surveillance and monitoring in Europe 2017’, which gives a detailed overview of the TB situation in the whole European region.
Although the general downward trend in the number of cases is encouraging, it is not sufficient to end TB by the set target. This trend is also less visible in some vulnerable groups and, for TB patients co-infected with HIV, the TB treatment is less likely to succeed.

Together with the EU/EEA countries, ECDC has gathered various online resources on tuberculosis, encompassing a range of locations, materials and languages. Sharing existing materials and information could play a role in inspiring and helping one another.

Combining efforts will provide the key to eliminate TB.

All materials released by ECDC are accessible from this dedicated page

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