Training on epidemic intelligence and rapid risk assessment

26 Apr 2022 - 29 Apr 2022

From 26 – 29 April, ECDC hosted a virtual training on epidemic intelligence and rapid risk assessment organised by the by the EU Initiative on Health Security.

The training gathered 14 representatives from the European Neighbourhood Partner countries (ENP) and the Western Balkans countries. It covered all the procedural steps from early detection of a signal to the final risk assessment of a public health event.

The objectives of the training were to:

  • Enhance participants understanding on the need to rapidly assess threats from infectious diseases and diseases of unknown origin.
  • Build capacities to perform rapid risk assessments.
  • Increase participants understanding of the value of a reproducible methodology and rapid appraisal of the available evidence for rapid risk assessment.
  • Increase participants understanding of the principles of epidemic intelligence.
  • Increase participants understanding of the different steps of epidemic intelligence processes
  • Familiarise participants with the main epidemic intelligence tools

The training consisted of presentations and practical exercises in plenary and in small groups. The first day focused on rapid risk assessment methodology, while the following three days were devoted to epidemic intelligence.


Early detection and communication of cross border health threats play an important role when countries are faced with infectious disease outbreaks.

International collaboration between national public health authorities strengthens epidemic intelligence and risk assessment capabilities and provides opportunities to react more swiftly to potential cross-border health threats in a coordinated timely manner.

The EU Initiative on Health Security

The EU Initiative on Health Security is a five-year programme (2020–2025) aimed at enhancing public health preparedness and response capacities of the European Union enlargement and the European Neighbourhood partner countries. The total founding is 9 million EUR.