Toward rubella elimination in Europe: An epidemiological assessmentArchived

ECDC comment

​The goal of eliminating rubella and preventing CRS by 2015 could be achieved and maintained adopting a comprehensive approach to ensure high vaccination coverage.

Muscat M, Zimmerman L, Bacci S, Bang H, Glismann S, Mølbak K, Reef S; the EUVAC.NET group. Vaccine. 2012 Mar 2;30(11):1999-2007. Epub 2011 Dec 14.

The overall decline in rubella incidence and increase in the number of countries conducting rubella surveillance through a mandatory notification system suggests progress is being made.

However, the fulfilment of the measles and rubella elimination goal will require an increased awareness and commitment by decision makers and public health authorities in all European countries to strengthen the MMR vaccination programmes and surveillance.