Second meeting of the Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases (EVD) Network

28 Apr 2015 - 29 Apr 2015

April 2015, ECDC organised the second EVD network meeting, with the participation of the EVD Network, the network coordination committee.

During the meeting the participants discuss major activities in 2014 and 2015 related to the prevention and control of emerging and vector-borne diseases, as well as how to further develop the network and to refine the network road map. Working groups were held on specific topics, such as Lyme borreliosis diagnosis, epidemiology and surveillance objectives, dengue/chikungunya and hantavirus surveillance, and training needs.


The overall aim of the EVD Network meetings is to ensure exchange of information and create a discussion forum for the ECDC EVD Disease Programme and the EVD network – the National Focal Points (NFPs) from EU/EEA Member States nominated to interact specifically on emerging and vector-borne diseases. The expert forum should provide a clear work and communication process for the EVD network and external associated networks as well as inform and provide feedback on the EVD programme activities.