Latest maps on vector distribution in Europe: exotic mosquitoes, sandflies, ticksArchived


ECDC publishes today the latest maps on the geographical distribution of exotic mosquitoes, sandlfies and ticks in Europe, updated in September 2012.

The maps show the current known distribution of the vector species at ‘regional’ administrative level (NUTS3). They are published regularly on the website to provide the ECDC stakeholders and the general public with the most up-to-date information on vector distribution.

Outcome of collaborative work of the VBORNET network, the maps are based on data collected by the network members. The group includes medical entomologists and public health experts across Europe, and the network is funded by ECDC. ECDC continues to improve the data collection for the maps: the VBORNET network is therefore looking for experts in vector-borne diseases who are interested in sharing data and networking (experts can contact VBORNET at