How can we be better prepared for the next global health threat? Planning and implementing emergency risk communication

7 Sep 2016 - 8 Sep 2016
Stockholm, Sweden

This capacity building workshop was jointly organised by ECDC and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and it focused on the link between emergency risk communication and public health emergency preparedness planning.

The discussions underlined the importance of integrating emergency risk communication into preparedness plans. The workshop seeked to identify the competencies (skills) needed to secure implementation and subsequently what capacities (resources) and capabilities (knowledge) are required to ensure these skills.

The workshop convened over 60 public health experts from Asian and EU/EEA countries and fostered the exchange of good practices and experiences between the two regions. From the EU/EEA, the meeting brought together the members of the ECDC Public Health Network Coordination Committees for Communication; Preparedness and Response; and Public Health Training, respectively. ASEF brought together public health experts in the same three areas from selected Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Asian partners. The workshop also included invited delegates from partner organisations such as the European Commission and WHO, as well as from public health associations and non-governmental organisations.

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