External evaluation of ECDC: open public consultation


Until 1 March, ECDC stakeholders and the general public are invited to express their views on the relevance of the Agency’s mission, tasks and activities

ECDC is currently undergoing its third external evaluation in accordance with its Founding Regulation. The evaluation will assess the Centre’s performance between 2013 and 2018 and the extent to which it continues to meet stakeholder needs and achieve its objectives. In addition, the evaluation will look at the possible need for an extension of the Agency’s current mandate.

As part of this evaluation, a stakeholder open public consultation is being carried out to collect the views of ECDC stakeholders on the relevance of the ECDC’s mission, tasks and activities and on how it has been performing them. Stakeholders are invited to provide their input by completing the open public consultation. If you have already completed the survey as a stakeholder, you do not need to fill out the open public consultation in addition.

(you will need to register for an EU login account)

The deadline for completing the consultation is 01 March 2019. Thanks in advance for your participation.

The survey is issued by PwC Luxembourg on behalf of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) for the purpose of the 3rd External Evaluation of ECDC. Your responses and data will be treated in the strictest confidence as input to this evaluation and only for the purposes of the evaluation.

For information on the conditions and modalities regarding the processing of personal data in the context of this survey, contact PwC at info.evaluation@lu.pwc.com.