ECDC National Focal Points for Communication meeting

15 Oct 2013 - 17 Oct 2013
ECDC, Stockholm

The first meeting of the ECDC National Focal Points (NFPs) for Communication took place on 15-17 October 2013

​The ECDC Management Board adopted in December 2012 a “One Competent Body” approach and Terms of Reference for the Competent Bodies in order to efficiently work with the EU/EEA Member States.  
Specific objectives for the meeting:

  • to pave the grounds for the future cooperation between ECDC and the newly appointed NFPs for Communication, with an emphasis on understanding the needs of Member States and the best ways to address them
  • to discuss the process of working together;
  • to identify areas for mutual cooperation in the promotion of European Public Health and in support of the goals set by the new EU initiative on serious cross-border threats to health. This new legal basis addresses the need of strengthening core capacities, in particular Risk/Crisis Communication as preparedness to respond to public health emergencies;
  • to clarify the role of NFPs in cooperation with ECDC and the European Commission under the Health Security Communicators Network.