Control of multidrug-resistant micro-organisms in health care settings

5 Aug 2017 - 7 Aug 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

The main objective of the course was to strengthen capacity in EU Member States for control of healthcare-associated infections due to multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) in acute health care settings and to promote the broadest possible implementation of appropriate methods. A second objective was to achieve team building between colleagues with similar responsibilities in control of nosocomial spread of MDROs and to share training approaches, knowledge and best practices.

The target audience included health care professionals with current or future responsibility for prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections working at national or sub-national level, ie. mid-career professionals involved in programmes to prevent healthcare-associated infections at hospital level such as:

  • Infection control practitioners
  • Hospital physicians/specialist physicians;
  • Hospital epidemiologists;etc

The course was in blended format. Participative methods were used: Self-learning (knowledge refreshment) part: using ECDC LMS, and face to face phase using lectures, peer learning, problem based solving, case studies.

Selection of participants from Member States (EPIET/EUPHEM supervisors and other senior experts) was done through official invitation letters to the National Focal Points for Public Health Training, who were invited to propose the candidates from their respective Member States. The EPIET/EUPHEM Training Site Forum and the Coordinating Competent Bodies were informed.