Comprehensive Approach to Disease Prevention in the context of Sexual HealthArchived

22 May 2012 - 23 May 2012
ECDC, Stockholm

In an expert meeting in Stockholm, identified synergies and gaps in the availability of sexual health data, programmes, initiatives and policies across Europe and possibilities for future work will be discussed.

ECDC aims to increase its understanding of how HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) can be prevented among groups most vulnerable to these infections, including young people, men who have sex with men, sex workers, people living with HIV, migrants, and those who inject drugs, by supporting disease prevention efforts in the context of health promotion and sexual health.

Specific objectives of the meeting:

  1. To present the major findings of an EU/EEA mapping exercise and countries survey and to add contributions from the invited experts.
  2. To discuss the need for an EU strategy for a comprehensive disease approach in the context of sexual health.
  3. To lay the foundation for successful collaboration and partnership in the field of STI/HIV prevention at European level.