Infographics and videos on HIV/AIDS

Video: PEP to the HIV rescue!

Video - 1 Dec 2022

You may know a bit already about PrEP - the pill one takes daily or on demand, to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. But did you know there is also PEP - the post-exposure prophylaxis - that is used after one may have been exposed to the HIV virus.

Video: Be PrEPared to fight HIV!

Video - 14 Jun 2022

HIV continues to affect the health and wellbeing of people in Europe. In 2020, 14,971 new HIV diagnoses were reported in 29 countries of the EU/EEA. This video explain how we can reduce these numbers

Infographic: HIV late Diagnosis - 2018 data

Infographic - 28 Nov 2019

In the EU/EEA, almost every second HIV diagnosis happened at a late stage in 2018. This means diagnosis several years after infection. In 2018, 49 % of those with a CD4 cell count reported at HIV diagnosis were diagnosed late (several years after infection).