Director's Office

The Director’s Office oversees and coordinates the implementation of the Centre’s strategy. This includes the full cycle from planning to monitoring until the final reporting, as well as constant improvement through KPIs, evaluations and audits as well as quality management.

The Director’s Office consists of the following Sections:

  • Corporate Affairs: This team is responsible for managing the Director’s agenda, forward planning and missions, official visits and correspondence, protocol and secretarial needs of the Director.
  • Executive Office: The Executive Office supports the organisation in the implementation of the strategy by ensuring effective and efficient operations and smooth interactions with key stakeholders.
  • European and International Cooperation: This section serves as a central point of entry for all of ECDC's strategic relations with EU institutions (EU Commission services, European Parliament and European Council) and agencies, ENL and ENP countries, WHO and other CDCs. It also coordinates ECDC's country support. 
  • Communication: This section is responsible for internal and external communication. It aims at raising awareness of the impact of communicable diseases and the importance of their prevention and control.