Office of the Director

The main focus of the Director is on strategy, leadership and external relations. The Director retains overall responsibility for the efficient management of the Centre. In order to focus on strategic matters and external relations with stakeholders a great part of the day to day internal management tasks are carried out by the Deputy to the Director.

The Director's Office carries out the overall coordinating role, and is responsible for external relations and country cooperation.

  • International Relations: Facilitating and coordinating ECDC activities with an international dimension, in collaboration with the European Commission and in line with EU and ECDC policies and guidance. Thereby, the section works to guarantee a corporate approach towards ECDC activities that involve countries beyond EU borders;
  • Corporate Governance: Ensuring the smooth provision and delivery of top-notch substantive, logistical and administrative support for high-level meetings of the Management Board (MB), the Advisory Forum (AF) and the Competent Bodies (CB). Developing the ECDC Customer Relation Management System (CRM) to provide ECDC staff and external sources with easy access to high quality information regarding stakeholders, activities and processes. Applying the System to facilitate smooth, transparent and efficient interactions between the ECDC and Member States.
  • Corporate Affairs: Managing the Director’s agenda, forward planning and missions, official visits and correspondence, protocol and secretarial needs of the Director.

Furthermore the Director has policy experts with different portfolios who report directly to her.