ECDC activities on epidemic intelligence and outbreak response

Monitoring and assessing threats to public health in Europe from infectious diseases are core tasks for ECDC, as is providing technical support to the EU-level response to such threats.

Epidemic intelligence

The Centre’s mission is to identify, assess and communicate current and emerging threats to human health from communicable diseases.

The objective of epidemic intelligence is to rapidly detect and assess public health events of any origin to ensure the EU’s health security. Epidemic intelligence can be described as the systematic collection and collation of information from a variety of sources, which is then validated and analysed. The aim is to ensure a timely response, based on an adequate risk assessment with recommendations on appropriate public health measures.


ECDC supports the response to infectious disease threats to EU:

  • Coordinate and support the rapid assessment of risks and the identification of options for response.
  • Support national and international field response through missions.


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