Software for data analysis and considerations for when to perform analytical studies (tool 6)

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The EpiData Analysis module (EpiDataStat) is a software that enables the user to perform basic descriptive epidemiological analysis based on an interview dataset obtained from an outbreak investigation.

Among other types of output this software can construct epidemic curves and tables and graphics of for instance age and gender distributions. In addition the software can also be used for analytical studies, such as calculation of relative risks or odds ratios.

The software can also produce overview tables for the identification of overall exposure patterns which can quickly give a good overview of a dataset.

We foresee that the software, being free and easy to work with, may also be of great use at the national or local level. Analysis of datasets often require specialised statistical software (Stata, SAS or similar) that require training before they can be used, and this may often be prohibitive for investigators that are not trained epidemiologists, e.g. food safety professionals that may carry out for instance a questionnaire cohort study.

As part of the ongoing development of this software improvements and new functionality is planned. This module may therefore be further tailored to the specific requirement of FWD outbreak investigations and this Toolkit.

Disclaimer: EpiData is non-ECDC software. You do not need EpiData to use all the parts in the toolkit. ECDC assumes no liability for any damage or loss arising from this software.


This tool contains:

The EpiData Analysis (EpiDataStat) programme (please ensure that you have downloaded the most recent version of Epi Data) and:

Quick guide: for relevant data analysis steps, using an example (a small dataset provided). The necessary dataset is available (SalmoCaCoFruits.epx). The easiest would be to download the .zip file with all the *.epx files onto your computer and use them there. Another test database (bridalshower.epx) is also available.

Thorough guide: more thorough guide of what the analysis module can do, using a different example (a large dataset provided)

Report template: this is a suggestion for a template of an outbreak investigation report that would be fed with graphical output from EpiDataStat.

See also the examples of published papers of international outbreaks where case-control studies have been used.

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