Leptospirosis - Annual Epidemiological Report for 2019

Surveillance report
10 Oct 2022
Publication series: Annual Epidemiological Report on Communicable Diseases in Europe
Time period covered: This report is based on data for 2019 retrieved from The European Surveillance System (TESSy) on 19 January 2022.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Leptospirosis. In: ECDC. Annual Epidemiological Report for 2019. Stockholm: ECDC; 2022.

For 2019, 24 EU/EEA countries reported 1 049 confirmed cases of leptospirosis, the highest number in the period from 2015–2019, possibly because of environmental conditions favourable to hosts, and/or increase of activities at risk for infection.

The notification rate was 0.21 confirmed cases per 100 000 population in the EU/EEA. There was no obvious long-term trend, as a similar notification rate was observed in 2014. Human leptospirosis was more common in adults, and notification rates were higher for males than females in all age groups.

Avoiding contact with water contaminated with animal urine, vaccination of animal carriers and rodent control may prevent a significant proportion of leptospirosis cases.