Interim advice for public health authorities on summer events during the monkeypox outbreak in Europe, 2022


The aim of this document is to provide concise advice to public health authorities and guide their prevention, awareness-raising and behaviour change interventions before, during and after upcoming summer events.

Executive summary

This document will enable public health authorities to maximise opportunities for disseminating reliable information, advice and practical guidance to participants and minimise the public health risk from monkeypox. Although the main focus is monkeypox in the context of the current multi-country outbreak, much of the advice addresses good public health practices in general which may help prevent the transmission of a number of infectious diseases (e.g. HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), etc.). This guidance also includes sections which can be used to formulate advice to business/venue owners and event organisers, as well as participants themselves. All advice can be adapted to the local context and the relevant audience and translated into national languages, as required.