Implementing the ECDC Action Plan for Measles and Rubella


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Implementing the ECDC Action Plan for Measles and Rubella. Stockholm: ECDC; 2014.

​In recent years, Europe has experienced a resurgence of measles and rubella, and several countries have experienced large outbreaks. The reasons behind this resurgence are complex, but the root cause of the continued measles and rubella transmission in the EU is the sub-optimal uptake of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, leading to an accumulation of susceptible individuals. ECDC identified five key areas to support Member States in their efforts to achieve the WHO measles and rubella elimination goal: a thorough analysis of the problem, data for action, strengthening of public health capacities, evidence-based communication, and regional and international collaboration.
For each area, specific activities were identified and an ECDC ‘Action Plan for Measles and Rubella’ with more than 20 deliverables was launched in 2012.
This report describes all activities and accomplishments based on the ‘Action Plan for Measles and Rubella’ as of March 2014.