Gonococcal antimicrobial susceptibility surveillance in Europe, 2016

Surveillance report
Publication series: Gonococcal antimicrobial susceptibility surveillance in Europe
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Gonococcal antimicrobial susceptibility surveillance in Europe, 2016. Stockholm: ECDC; 2018

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The overall aim of Euro-GASP is to strengthen the surveillance of gonococcal antimicrobial susceptibility in EU/EEA Member States in order to provide quality-assured data to inform gonorrhoea treatment guidelines. This report presents the results from the 2016 gonococcal antimicrobial susceptibility sentinel surveillance.

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Drug-resistance of gonorrhoea in the EU: persistent but stable

Neisseria gonorrhoea continues to show high levels of resistance to azithromycin across the European Union and European Economic Area, according to the 2016 results of the European Gonococcal Antimicrobial Surveillance Programme (Euro-GASP).

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