External quality assessment scheme for Neisseria meningitidis - 2014

Technical report External quality assessment
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. External quality assessment scheme for Neisseria meningitidis – 2014. Stockholm: ECDC; 2016.

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​ECDC promotes the performance of external quality assessment schemes, under which laboratories are sent simulated clinical specimens or bacterial isolates for testing by routine and/or reference laboratory methods.

In July 2014, a panel of two viable isolates of N. meningitidis of the major disease-causing serogroups with three simulated cerebrospinal fluid (non-culture) samples for molecular studies, was sent by UK NEQAS to 30 reference laboratories in the IBD-labnet surveillance network for quality assessment testing. This report summarises the diagnostic results submitted by the participating laboratories.

The main purposes of external quality assessment schemes are as follows:
 - assessment of the general standard of performance (‘state of the art’)
 - assessment of the effects of analytical procedures (method principle, instruments, reagents, calibration)
 - evaluation of individual laboratory performance
 - identification and justification of problem areas
 - provision of continuing education
 - identification of needs for training activities.