The European Surveillance System (TESSy)


This page describes who has the right, and how to access and use data from TESSy.

Since 22 June 2021, TESSy has a new entry point through the EpiPulse platform, and will be progressively replaced by EpiPulse between 2021 and 2023.

Access to TESSy data

Please follow these steps for any third-party access to case-based TESSy data:

  1. Consult the metadata to find out what data are available.
  2. Fill in a Request for TESSy Data for Research and send it to:

    and to:

    Data Access Request
    European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
    Gustav III:s Boulevard 40
    16973 Solna

  3. If granted access, take note of the ECDC Data Disclaimer and the Conditions for Publishing, sign a Declaration of Commitment and send it to the email and post addresses above.
  4. When publishing any findings derived from TESSy data, apply the Conditions for Publishing.
  5. Destroy the data after use, fill in a Declaration on Data Destruction and send it to the email and post addresses above.

For further information, please contact