The European Surveillance System (TESSy)


Direct access to data, access to subsets of data and access to aggregated published data

Access to TESSy data

Types of access

  • Direct access to data: for individuals nominated by the EU/EEA countries, EU commission, EU bodies, international organizations and other entities - following the TESSy nomination procedure;
  • Access to subsets of data – for the same group entitled to direct access and for external researchers (see Access to subsets of TESSy data);
  • Access to aggregated published data is unrestricted. Dissemination is authorised subject to appropriate acknowledgment (see Conditions for Publishing Note).


Use of TESSy data

Access to the TESSy data, either directly or upon specific request, does not automatically imply the right to publish. Publishing is allowed only under certain conditions (see Conditions for publishing note) and after allowing for Member States' comments when applicable.

Dissemination of aggregated published TESSy data is authorised subject to appropriate acknowledgment (see Conditions for publishing note).

Access to subsets of TESSy data

Requesting access to subsets of TESSy data

Subsets of TESSy data are available for research purposes/tasks in the public interest under certain conditions to:

  • The same group of individuals entitled to direct access that do not already have direct access;
  • External Researchers (e.g. Universities, Private Companies, International Organisations etc);
  • Contractors for ECDC, EC and EU Agencies whose access is not otherwise regulated in their contract.

Steps to request ECDC to grant access to subsets of TESSy data:

  • Submit the Request for TESSy Data for Research form to ECDC;

Access is granted after assessment of the request by an internal review group.

Using subsets of TESSy data

Please note that any data provided following these procedures must be destroyed after use: See Declaration on Data Destruction.

Please also note the disclaimer on the data provided: See ECDC Data Disclaimer (for the recipient of TESSy data).


For further information and to apply for data access, please contact the TESSy data access team:

Original signed forms and related information should be posted to:

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
Gustav III:s Boulevard 40
16973 Solna

To learn more about how ECDC treats any personal data collected for processing external TESSy data access requests, please check the Privacy Statement.