Antimicrobial consumption - Annual Epidemiological Report for 2017

Surveillance report
Publication series: Annual Epidemiological Report
Time period covered: This report is based on data for 2017 retrieved from The European Surveillance System (TESSy) on 23 October 2018 and a re-upload of data for ATC subgroups from Spain and Slovenia on 13 November 2018

 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Antimicrobial consumption. In: ECDC. Annual epidemiological report 2017. Stockholm: ECDC; 2018. 

Twenty-seven countries, comprising 25 EU Member States and two EEA countries (Iceland and Norway) reported data on antimicrobial consumption for 2017. Twenty-two countries reported both community and hospital consumption, three countries reported only community consumption, and two countries reported total consumption in both sectors without differentiating between them.

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