Annual Report of the Director 2012

Corporate publication
Publication series: Annual Report of the Director

​The Director’s Annual Report provides an overview of the Centre’s accomplishments for the previous year and a summary of the Centre’s financial and administrative operations. The Annual Report is available in PDF form.

Executive summary

This report offers an insight into the work carried out at the centre as it strives to improve knowledge and action on matters regarding public health in Europe. 
Over the course of 2012, ECDC increased output and strengthened partnerships designed to better address the response to communicable disease threats. Alongside the development of tools to aid the surveillance of diseases, the centre published numerous reports and epidemiological updates addressing new and ongoing threats to public health.
The report details all activities carried out at ECDC, including the work it completed to aid Member States in their preparedness and response to disease threats. Field support was offered in response to a number of disease outbreaks, including the first autochthonous outbreak of dengue fever in Madeira, Portugal. Large-scale events such as the London 2012 Olympics also saw an ECDC presence to help host nations ensure they were prepared for a public health emergency.
Full details of ECDCs activities and results in all operations, as well as information regarding the organisation’s structure, leadership and finances can be found in the full report.


Annual-report-director-2012.pdf - EN - [PDF-1.59 MB]