World Tuberculosis Day - 2016

23 Mar 2016

​Tuberculosis is a persistent public health threat but it could be eliminated if specific action is taken. In Europe, most countries have low TB rates. The disease tends to concentrates among the marginalised, the poorest and most vulnerable groups.

Interventions designed to address those groups would prevent people from catching and transmitting the disease. This would also reduce the risk to spread variants of TB that are more difficult to treat.
To help EU/EEA countries in designing specific interventions, ECDC launched several materials:

  • Guidance on tuberculosis control in vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations;
  • Policy Briefing: Interventions in vulnerable groups are the key to eliminating tuberculosis in Europe;
  • Examples of TB interventions and personal stories of their beneficiaries.

Together with WHO, ECDC also released the latest data on TB in the Annual surveillance report.